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No business wants to pay a penny more tax than they have to, and that’s what we’re here for. We advise on all aspects of UK taxation and help with compliance reporting and investigations by the authorities. To help you get the very best results, we also work with tax specialists in complex cases.

Montague Kaye has the systems in place to request your information so you’re notified of tax liabilities in time. We make all tax returns are submitted on time, avoiding any fines, penalties and interest charges.

As with all our areas of work, we’ll explain to you in simple terms the calculations that make up your self-assessment tax returns and company’s corporation tax returns.  This means you’ll know exactly how your tax liabilities are arrived at, together with all the information needed to support it.

We can deal with virtually all business tax matters such as:

1. Preparing tax returns: self-assessment and/or corporation tax.
2. Submitting tax returns: Submitting returns on your behalf to the necessary bodies and complying with their filing regulations.
3. Capital Gains Tax: Disposal of assets e.g. rental property, business assets, company shares
4. IHT tax planning: Assistance in the planning of your estate, working closely with solicitors, assistance with application for probate etc.
5. VAT: Assistance in registration and if required the assistance with and completion of VAT returns. This is a very complex area of taxation as the laws affecting VAT are always changing. It really helps to keep ahead in this area.
6. Taxation advisory services: Montague Kaye has contact with a number of specialist tax experts to assist in more complex tax planning, structures and investigations.
7. Insurance: We offer a very affordable policy to cover our professional fees incurred by yourself or your company etc. as a result of any investigation by the authorities.

To discuss anything tax related, contact us for a free initial consultation.

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